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Chris Dickey

Christopher grew up, born and raised in Tucson, AZ & around music through his parents. With such artists and bands as Foreigner, Prince, Def Leppard, Poison. Hearing these bands, Christopher fell in love with the drums and wanted to play and learn right away.  He would get out pots and pans in his Mother's kitchen and play on them. It wasn't until he was 13, he worked for his Dad for a summer, building a porch in order to purchase his first  Drum kit. Some of Christopher's biggest influences are The professor Neil Peart, Chris Adler ( Lamb of God) and Tim Alexander from Primus, Lars Ulrich , Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan. Christopher has played in several bands throughout the years, but found a home in Ash to Dust in 2018 and became the Beast and King of His  throne. Since his inception of Ash to Dust's Drummer, he has since not only continued to play for them and countless shows but also earned his Certificate(s) as a Emergency Medical Technician in 2020.

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